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Tattoos of all kinds have enjoyed a recent resurgence in popularity. Tribal Art tattoos that were once worn in the province by sailors and motorcyclists had become mainstream today. With the sheer amount of new and traditional tattoos available, we are sure to find something that fits to your personality. Drop by for a piece of art you can take to the grave! For one of the most reliable tattoo shops open in Hooksett, NH, we are the place to visit.

Many people get portrait tattoos as a way of showing their respect for another person. These can attain a stunning level of photorealism, provided the tattoo artist has enough skill. You have the option of getting these portraits in color, or in having a black and gray tattoo.

Others might prefer something that is both meaningful and abstract. An example of this can be seen in custom artwork, which can take many different designs. Others prefer Japanese style tattoos, which let you express yourself with actual Kanji characters. Religious tattoos give the faithful a way to share their beliefs with others.

Those who want to get best can do so by contacting us at our tattoo shop NH Custom Tattoo & Vape in Hooksett, NH. Invest your money in something you can keep for life.

About the Artist

Jake Noury has been drawing for 30 years. He received scholarships to attend art college. In 1999, he took an apprentice job at a tattoo studio, became licensed and has been tattooing ever since. Jake is a fully free-handed custom artist who prides on a fast and light hand. Jake's friendly and affordable work has helped him to travel around the around, tattooing at many different conventions. His tattoo artwork has been published in international magazines and has won many awards, some of which was also featured on the television show Pimp My Tattoo. Jake has also been a judge at tattoo conventions.

Jake specializes in all styles, especially color new school and biotech. He has all of his certifications in blood borne pathogens and all the required training seminar certifications. Jake promises to use only the best ink, machines and sterile new needles for every procedure. Jake free hand draws everything original for each client, using reference photos along the way and making sure to go with the flow each individuals muscle curves.

Jake is not only an accomplished tattoo artist, he is also an accomplished artist whose artwork is sold in galleries and online. Don't cheat yourself, treat yourself. Go from ordinary to extraordinary with a Body by Jake Custom Tattoo. No tattoos are too big or small. Jake offers after care for tattoos, and also sells t-shirts and skateboard paintings.

You can get tattooed in full luxury at New Inkland Tattoo shop on very comfortable furniture in bright lighting and sterile, clean conditions. We are happy to put on your favorite music to make you feel more at home during your session. Right now, NH Custom Tattoo & Vape is offering a tap-out special. Come by the shop and get tattooed as much as you can handle for a low price. This deal can easily save you $500. Also, all piercings on sale for $45 including new jewelry.

Please call to book an appointment with Jake and discuss your consultation

Forget the rest and come see the best! Jake Custom Tattoo artist in luxury, service, quality, affordability, and originality. Tattoo art that is designed to enhance your appearance permanently to flow with your curves. This is better than any fashion clothing, and will last way longer than any car or the thousands of other things that people waste their money on.

NH Custom Tattoo & Vape, award winning published artist at New England premier tattoo shop, located in downtown Hooksett, NH.

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