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Biomech Tattoos

Biomechanical art, also called biomech art, is a type of art that combines mechanical parts with organic to create a surrealist art piece. This form of art was popularized in the late 1970’s with the movie Alien, and is still a popular theme in many tattoos today. Biomech tattoos create the illusion that, for example, a person’s arm skin has been peeled back to reveal mechanical parts beneath the skin.

NH Custom Tattoo specializes in biomech tattooing, and in our tattoo parlor in Hooksett, NH we can design custom tattoos for you to exactly fit your sense of style. We understand the importance of good tattoo design and perfect execution, and we want to give you permanent body art that you will be proud of. At NH Custom Tattoo, your body is your canvas of self expression.

If you are looking for a professional tattoo shop in Hooksett, NH, contact NH Custom Tattoo today. We also offer professional body piercings.